Suppliers of IT & Software Services

Do you provide superior products and services with outstanding features and functionality – but find it’s no longer enough to guarantee success?

Presentations can be given in either English or German.

Your (potential) clients find themselves in an extremely competitive world and are constantly looking for solutions that will bring them continuous revenue growth. They may turn to you for these solutions – but only if they perceive that your products and services are aligned with and able to address the hot topics and market trends most relevant to them.

In short, you must be able to view your own offerings from your customers' perspective in order to effectively communicate – in terms that resonate with their needs – the true business benefit you provide.

Phil can help you position yourself as a forward-looking business partner to your clients:

  • As keynote speaker at your next User Group meeting or executive event
  • As moderator of a panel discussion
  • In an onsite discovery workshop for a key client
  • As motivational speaker for your customer advocacy program
  • In an onsite workshop for your own team to tease out reference points and better quantify your company's offerings

Working with an external expert can help you not only to align your offering with your customers' needs but, more importantly, can closely associate your company with the solutions they seek, both now and in future.