Organizations with Customer Focus

Does your company have extensive contact with customers?

Presentations can be given in either English or German.

Are you responsible for developing or adapting your company's customer strategies to anticipate tomorrow's challenges? Do you suspect – or know – that you need to make some changes but are having trouble gaining buy-in from other decision-makers? Are you looking for a way to motivate customer-facing employees to re-orient internal business processes around the customer?

If you've been hitting brick walls and need the backing of an outside expert and thought leader to make headway, Phil can help you with:

  • An in-house motivational speech at your next internal all-hands or sales meeting
  • Onsite round table or discussion panels
  • A company-internal workshop with 8-10 of the key players

As an experienced expert in customer experience management – and fully aware of the immense value that it holds for an organization – Phil exudes a natural authority that can win over even true skeptics. With his friendly, enthusiastic style he addresses objections and changes mindsets.