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Seasoned with stories and peppered with best practices, Phil’s presentations are interactive, enlightening and fun. Pointed examples illustrate theoretical concepts in a way that helps the audience relate the principles to their own situation:
Everyone goes home with an inspiring idea to try out!

Conference & event organizer
Are you looking for an exciting public speaker for your next event? Someone who embraces everyone in the audience and creates a buzz?

Organizations with customer focus
Does your company have extensive contact with customers? Do you want to delight them at every interaction before, during and after their decision making process?

Suppliers of IT & Software Services
Do you provide superior products and services with outstanding features and functionality – but find it’s no longer enough to guarantee success? Do you want to assure your customers that your products and services are able to address the market trends most relevant to them, both today and tomorrow?



Available speeches and workshops

Customer Journey Best Practices: Digital Customer Experience

Phil Winters

Customers don’t buy the way we sell, and they certainly don’t think digitally! They simply go about their business in the way they see fit, using the very latest digital touchpoints to their own advantage – whether their suppliers have embraced them or not. But does the future really dictate that the successful company slavishly follow every technological fad? No – and yes. In 2015 and 2016, Phil spent 18 months conducting workshops to create Customer Journey Maps with over 3,400 representatives of diverse businesses in different industries across the globe.

“Touchpoint Choreography” from a Customer’s Perspective

Phil Winters

How can a company possibly manage all the potential channels of communication out there and still ensure a delightful customer experience? Today’s customer BOTH expects to exercise free choice in how and when to interact with a (prospective) supplier AND has the power to make his/her disappointment known very publicly and very quickly. By taking the customer’s perspective, not only can you better understand how your different customer groups make their purchase decisions, you can also start setting priorities for customer communication in this new digital world.

From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight: The New Reality

Phil Winters

We all want to “satisfy customers” – but these days, satisfaction is not enough to ensure either loyalty or higher purchasing volume. From the customer’s perspective, it’s easy to understand what they want: to be delighted! Directed actions to build that delight – and ensure nothing detracts from it – can be programmatically implemented and measured. We’ll take a look at case studies and learn from the best practices of leading organizations, all with the aim of keeping it applicable and straightforward.

Customer Impact Agenda Workshop

Phil Winters

Objective: To provide a practical methodology for defining and aligning an organization's customer strategy around your customers' decision processes.

Participants: Tailored for persons directly involved in setting and executing customer (sales/marketing) strategy. Ideal group size between 8 and 12 (max.) participants.