Who is Phil?

Speaker and thought leader in the field of customer centricity

Customer behavior is changing rapidly in the digital age. New communication channels have turned the tables, placing control of the dialogue squarely into the customers' hands. This, combined with ever-higher customer expectations, is exploding existing business models: purchase decisions are being made long before classic marketing techniques ever have a chance to exert any influence.

In this context, Phil helps organizations to visualize their business processes and customer interactions – from their customers' perspective. Whether in German or in English, his keynotes on the topic are eye-opening and challenging, full of straightforward (but iconoclastic) truths that will set you thinking about the validity of your own organization's customer strategies.

While he delights the public with his natural enthusiasm and positive energy, his arguments are based on 30+ years' solid experience – a curriculum of success working with over 300 companies around the world to develop customer intelligence strategies and implement the requisite underlying business initiatives and IT infrastructures



Phil’s experience encompasses work with clients around the world, across virtually all industries and ranging in size from mega-corporations to start-ups.

The common theme: first, understanding the customer experience from the customer’s perspective, then creating strategies and activities to ensure interactions that delight.


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