Taming the Internet of Things - Enrich your Customer Insight!

Montag, Februar 16, 2015 - 08:16

Have you ever wondered what the Internet of Things (IOT) has to do with your customer? Well, in today's world actually a lot!

I am known as a data whisperer - someone who teases new fact based insight out of data.   My love is finding new ways of extracting information about customer's behaviour and needs to better serve them - all of course done in an open and honest way that supports information reciprocity (or "give to get").   

I recently worked on some fascinating work with the team from KNIME:  we took very boring sensor data about bikes - their start point and their end point - and were able to transform that into fascinating and visual insight about bike riders and their behaviour.     You can read all about it in a white paper located on the KNIME website here.    Most importantly for those of you that want to actually get your hands dirty:  this is not just a white paper but all of the example workflows and sample data along with the fantastic (and free) KNIME open source platform!   So check it out - I would love to hear how you are using data to better understand your customers.