Customer Journey Management

The IMPACT Method for creating a customer journey from the customer’s own perspective has become very popular. So popular, in fact, that I’m no longer able to satisfy all requests for a Customer IMPACT Workshop on my own!

So, for quite a while now, I’ve been looking for additional resources or partners to support me. Regrettably, almost everyone else I’ve considered working with is pitching ‘Customer Experience’ and ‘Digitalization’ – and always from either an organizational or an infrastructure standpoint. In my humble opinion, without a true customer perspective, you just don’t get that extra dimension of insights that’s so very enlightening.

After much searching and discussion, I was introduced to BPM&O, a management consultancy based in Cologne that specializes in practical Business Process Management. (The ‘BPM’ in their name!)

After talking with their customers and working directly with them – and, finally, certifying all of their extremely competent consultants in the IMPACT methodology – I now feel confident not only to recommend them but also to bring them with me into projects. This will help all of you whom I haven’t been able to support in person.

But I’ve also learned something very important relevant to an important thread I took up in the second edition of my book: self-knowledge is great, but you have to DO something with it! Creating a journey based on the customer’s perspective is only step one in taking the customer perspective.  The second, equally important step is transforming that new insight into actions that can be implemented throughout your organization’s business processes, actions that will exert a positive effect on your business issues. And that’s where the speciality of BPM&O comes in:  they’re experts at transforming strategy into practice. You can read more about our work together (in German!) here.

Combining the customer perspective with the ability to execute – what I call Customer Journey Management – just makes sense.

So whether you contact me or talk directly to the folks at BPM&O, you can rest assured that their consultants are Customer IMPACT Qualified. They have me personally standing behind them so your organization gets the best Customer Journey Management advice possible for your organization.