Customer IMPACT Qualification Program

Supporting Successful Workshops

The Customer IMPACT Qualification program recognizes select professionals who have satisfied the requirements for running authorized Customer IMPACT workshops. While anyone can freely use the material available in the book, Customer IMPACT Agenda: Doing Business From the Customer’s Perspective, these individuals have proven their deep understanding of the concepts contained therein and shown their ability to guide organizations effectively: this ensures maximum value to the client for time and resources spent on an IMPACT workshop.

Individuals who carry the “Customer IMPACT Qualified” designation have been vetted by and have personally trained/worked with Phil Winters. They must successfully complete a rigorous training process validating their competency to apply the Customer IMPACT Methodology as they assist organizations to reorient around their customers’ perspective. Customer IMPACT Qualification requires yearly renewal, ensuring that certified professionals remain current in the latest best practices and techniques.

Organizations using a “Customer IMPACT Qualified” trainer benefit from the best-practice experiences derived from running IMPACT workshops around the world. Practicing individuals in turn can apply their particular expertise to any actions that are identified as a result of the workshop.

If you are an organization that could benefit from a workshop led by Phil Winters or a Customer IMPACT Qualified Professional, please send us a message.

Phil is always happy to hear from seasoned professionals who want to become certified to run IMPACT workshops. If you feel you have the required skills, experience and abilities, drop him a message.