Crafted by DRI

Architecture, design and plumbing!

Our relationship with Phil Winters dates back to 2009, when Diogo Rebelo heard him speak at a CRM Event.

On the spot, he knew we just had to have him speak at one of our CRM events, in Lisbon. Since then, we’ve discovered several other things in common, like BI (we love KNIME!) and Portuguese wine.

Over the years, Phil got to know our work, and when he decided to give a makeover, he approached us. We were captivated by the idea of having a website that’s a central repository for information and ideas that are broadcast across so many channels, and to so many people.

We’re very proud of the outcome, and hope you like it too!

There’s a lot more to DRI, though: Customer Experience is our realm, from CRM to websites and other digital touchpoints, BI and Marketing Automation. Check out our own website!